Covid-19 (Corona-Virus Disease)

Covid-19 (Corona-Virus Disease)

Covid-19 in india.

The corona-virus disease is also known as COVID-19, a very infectious disease caused by a newly discovered “CORONAVIRUS”.

In December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in China which is having a population of 11 million, a novel strain of corona-virus- SARS-CoV-2 – was first detected, after an outbreak of pneumonia without an obvious cause. Over 200 countries and territories across the globe have been affected by this virus and therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. The report says that there were 7,54,79,470 laboratory-confirmed cases of the corona-virus disease on 21 Dec 2020 with 16,86,268 reported deaths. And outside China on 16 March 2020, the number of cases overtook in other countries and territories.

The corona-virus infected people come to experience mild to moderate illness and recover without acquiring any special treatment. This virus attacks people like older ages like 60 years and above. Also, older people, who are having medical problems like chronic respiratory, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease more likely to develop serious illnesses with this virus.

Origin of the new corona-virus :

There is no clarification from where this virus has been originated at present. But, there are some
concepts that this virus has been originated in the food market in Wuhan (China) from an animal to a human.
There is some research that says about this virus that the cross-species transmission between snake
and human, but this claim has been contested.

In the previous coronavirus outbreaks, some mammals like
bats and camels have been implicated but it is not very sure about the exact animal origin at present for
this COVID-19.

Some better ways to prevent and slow down transmission as followed:

  • One should be very well informed about this coronavirus that no disease is caused and how it spreads.
  • One should protect himself/herself and also others from this virus by continuously washing hands or using an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • One should also prevent his/herself from touching face without washing or sanitizing his/her hands.

He spread of this coronavirus took place primarily through the droplets of saliva or the discharge from the nose when a COVID-19 infected person coughs or sneezes. Therefore, it becomes very important for all that we should practice respiratory etiquette.. And people around us should be made aware about the practice by telling them or by other means. At present everybody should use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer outside the home and soap should be used in the home coming from outside.

How contagious is COVID-19?

At early stage, there was not any system of diagnosis of this virus. That’s why, this virus became unstoppable and spread with a very tremendous speed.
As we know that the number of confirmed diagnosis including healthcare professionals has indicated that community spread of COVID-19 is occurring with a tremendous speed. If a person gets infected by this virus he/she can infect infinite number of people, If he/she does not get proper treatment on time. And this virus is spreading by the droplets produced b an infected person when he/she sneezes or coughs. Therefore, it can be said that this virus has not any proper diagnosis at present and this makes the virus very dangerous.

How can COVID-19 be controlled?

  • This COVID-19 affects the respiratory tract, common presenting symptoms include fever and dry
    cough, with some patients presenting with respiratory symptoms (e.g. sore throat, nasal
    congestion and headache) or even struggling for breathing.

2.In severe cases, the COVID-19 can cause pneumonia, severe respiratory syndrome, kidney-failure
and also even death.

3.The infected person is suspected with a continuous coughing, fever or having no proper smell or

4.Therefore for treatment, a test has been developed and governments are quarantining their
suspected areas states or even country also.


The coronavirus affects different people in different ways. This also has been seen that many infected people
gets develop mild to moderate illness and recover without any treatment getting hospitalized.

Most common symptoms:

1.Cough, Cold and Fever
3.Aches and pains
4.Sore throat
7.Loss of taste or smell & Conjunctivitis
8.A rash on skin,
9.Discoloration of fingers or toes,
10.Difficulty in breathing
11.Chest-pain or pressure
12.Loss of speech or movement in


1.Protect yourself and others around you

2.Follow advice recommended by your health authority.

3.wash your hands often.

4.Maintain a distance of 2 meters from anyone.

5.put a mask on your face if social distancing is not possible.

6.Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

7.Cover your nose and mouth.

8.Stay home if you are not feeling good.

9.Masks can help prevent the spread of the virus from the person wearing the mask to others.

10.Masks alone do not protect against COVID-19 and should be combined with physical distancing.

Self-care Treatments :

If you feel sick you should :-

1.Take rest.

2.Drink plenty of fluid, and eat nutritious food. in a separate room and use a seprate bathroom if possible.

4.wash and sanitize frequently touched surfaces.

Everyone should keep a healthy lifestyle at home :-

1.Maintain a healthy diet, sleep, stay active, and make social contact with loved ones through the phone or internet.

2.Children need extra care from parents during this period.

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